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Virtual meeting!

Appreciation on Twitter from CNRS(International relations department and Women in CNRS), SKAO, IAU-Outreach :Appreciation-IFCAM2021


Meeting Objective: The new-generation radio/IR/optical facilities are expected to advance our understanding of a wide variety of objects from galactic compact stars up to the most distant galaxies, exo-solar planets, galactic chemical evolution, large scale structures in the extragalactic sky, and the origin and evolution of primordial galaxies and the magnetic fields in the Universe. The upcoming 3D and multi-object spectroscopy, photometry, and imaging using radio/IR/optical telescopes (for e.g. BLUE-MUSE, LSST, TMT, Euclid, 4MOST, WEAVE, SKA) with their large field of view, high sensitivity, and large spatial and spectral resolution will provide complementary multi-wavelength data and maximize the scientific output.


This conference aims to address these forefront science goals and discuss the synergies between various upcoming and new-generation facilities by bringing together the scientific community within France, India, and from the rest of the world and build-up collaboration. Existing low-frequency SKA pathfinders (LOFAR, ASKAP, u-GMRT)/IR/optical facilities (MUSE, HST, ALMA, IRAM, ASTROSAT) are already providing a large survey data with spectral, morphological, and red-shifts catalogs, that can be used to investigate the above-mentioned science goals and effectively help the users community for the future generation facilities like the MSE, BLUE-MUSE, TMT, and SKA.

The event is supported by the Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (IFCPAR/CEFIPRA), a bilateral organization set up by the Department of Science and Technology (DST) of Government of India, and the Ministry for Europe & Foreign Affairs, Government of France to enhance international collaborative research in the field of Science &Technology.


This conference is a part of the celebration of the Golden Jubilee (50 years) Commemoration Year of the DST and the Indian Institute of Astrophysics (IIA).

The virtual conference dates are shifted to 22nd-26th March 2021 (by 1 week), as some participants would like to attend all sessions of the 2021 SKA science meeting entitled, 'A precursor view of the SKA sky', 15th-20th March 2021.

The conference also aims to highlight the support activities being carried out by the International Astronomical Union, National Astronomical societies, and funding agencies to support women's careers in Astronomy, STEM, and Outreach.

The conference is limited to 80 participants.  Ph.D., postdocs, and early career researchers are strongly encouraged to apply.  Ph.D. students are expected to request their thesis supervisor to submit a recommendation letter at in support of their application.

Important: Considering the on-going developments regarding the coronavirus pandemic, we will likely organize a Hybrid (physical, if no travel restrictions and virtual) meeting. 




Preliminary Program:

  • Cosmo-chemistry by chemical tagging of stars and the study of abundances in stars and the associated nucleosynthesis.
  • Galactic (stars, young stellar objects, and ISM)
  • Nearby galaxies
  • HI studies of galaxies
  • Clusters of galaxies
  • AGNs
  • Primordial galaxies and cosmology
  • Primordial magnetic fields
  • Discussions on synergies with current and future facilities
  • Large scale surveys


Confirmed 'Keynote Speakers':

  1.  G.C. Anupama
  2.  Roland Bacon
  3.  Samuel Boissier
  4.  Caroline Bot
  5.  Chiara Ferrari
  6.  William Garnier
  7.  Yashwant Gupta
  8.  Carole Jackson
  9.  Brijesh Kumar
  10.  Jennifer Marshall
  11.  Nicolas Martin
  12.  Devendra Ojha
  13.  Francesca Primas
  14.  A. N. Ramaprakash
  15.  B. Eswar Reddy
  16.  Johan Richard
  17.  Prajval Shastri
  18.  Annapurni Subramanian
  19.  Jeff Wagg

Public talk by distinguished Keynote Speakers:

Prof. Dame Susan Jocelyn Bell Burnell

Prof. Catherine Cesarsky

Prof. Ajit K. Kembhavi

Prof. Purnima Rupal




SCIENTIFIC ORGANISING COMMITTEE: Preeti Kharb (NCRA, IND), Chinnathambi Muthumariappan (Chair, IIA, IND), Gajendra Pandey (IIA, IND), Bruno Guiderdoni (CRAL, FR), Mamta Pommier (Chair, University of Lyon, FR)


LOCAL ORGANISING COMMITTEE: Sudhanshu Barway (IIA, IND), Mousumi Das (IIA, IND), U. S Kamath (IIA, IND), Gopinathan Maheshwar (IIA, IND), Chinnathambi Muthumariappan (IIA, IND), Gajendra Pandey (IIA, IND), Nirupam Roy (IISc, IND), Smitha Subramanian (IIA, IND), Bruno Guiderdoni (CRAL, FR), Mamta Pommier (University of Lyon, FR)



For any queries please contact:

Mamta Pommier (Lyon University) and Chinnathambi Muthumariappan (IIA),
Chair of the Scientific Organising Committee Franco-Indian CEFIPRA Astronomy Meeting 2020


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